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Vacances is affordable, get-to-the point defect tracking software for software development teams. Track defects, bugs and enhancement suggestions with equal ease and efficiency!

General features include defect and bug tracking, workflow management, project prioritization, tracking of a detailed audit history for each item, data table definitions for users of Borland Delphi and other development languages, and the ability to maximize communication between all technical staff members.

Development, quality assurance, documentation and technical support teams all use Vacances to facilitate defect reporting, verification, repair, testing and final release of any software product. Take the Vacances Feature Tour to see exactly how this product can help a software development team!

Vacances is licensed differently than most other similar programs. The purchase of one site license copy of Vacances costs just $29 per user and supports all members of your technical team!

Vacances is professional-grade defect tracking software that serves every technology-related department in a software company. Technical support or help desk team members use the system for defect reporting. Testers use Vacances to verify a software defect and prepare the issue for resolution by a developer. Members of the software development team use Vacances to manage development team workflow, set project priorities, and for defect tracking for every product with which every developer is involved. Quality assurance technicians check each defect correction and finalize preparation for release.

Vacances Product Features

Vacances is a powerful, get-to-the-point defect tracking system for software development teams.

Report software defects

Information flow between software technical support and development teams is crucial to build and maintain a professional-class application. Technical support representatives have a direct connection to all types of customers, your best source for defect reports. Issue reports are entered in Vacances for review and correction by developers. Everyone in the communication chain stays informed every step of the way.

Track progress of defect resolution

Reporting a defect is only the first step. Vacances tracks every defect through the entire resolution cycle. A team member is assigned to and is responsible for every issue at every point. Individual responsibility means that problems do not go unnoticed, ensuring the fastest resolution possible.

Track requests for feature enhancements

Vacances acts as your central repository for collection of feature enhancement suggestions. Each enhancement suggestion is properly categorized, facilitating rapid review when selecting features for inclusion in a new release.

Tools to make a team lead's job easier

Vacances includes features specifically intended for a development team lead or department manager to help:

Plan a software release

Organize a task list for each team member – Developers, QA technicians and documentation specialists
Ensure that issues don't get lost – Every item for every application is owned by someone from the moment it's entered
Assign work and prioritize tasks
Facilitate rapid communication
Track every change or update made to every record
Handles multiple products
Vacances is intended for use in a multiple-product or multiple-project development group. Issues and suggestions are completely separated my product or project.

Define as many products/projects as necessary to support all activities of a development team

Confidential projects may be kept confidential
Group defects/issues by product with operation-specific subgroups
Five security levels control information flow and which tools are available to each user
Limit access to information on confidential projects
Technical support agents can enter and view the status of every software issue but have no access to development-specific information or controls
Encourage communication between development and support teams
An unreported problem is an unresolved problem. Make certain everyone in your organization has the tools to communicate a problem!

Document data table definitions

Vacances includes a database documentor tool to assist in the design phase of all types of application software. Use the database documentor to:

Define field name, type, length and description

Print data file definitions
Use similar data definitions for multiple products
Special features for users of Borland Delphi and Advantage Database
Creates Delphi source code for data table definitions
Source code may be used directly for Advantage Database or easily changed for use with other databases
Version history
Every software change is completely documented and may be included in published version history
Information for version history may be copied from developer notes for each issue or entered separately and polished for public release
Use Vacances to track every issue from discovery to update release!


Vacances Feature Tour - Overview

Vacances is intended to be a simple program with a very focused purpose. Technical team members in software development organizations or internal information technology groups need to track, share and act upon reported problems and enhancement suggestions. Vacances provides the information repository and communication conduit to make these things happen!

Software defect tracking
Software enhancement suggestion tracking
Assistance in managing the workflow of team members
Communication of upcoming and completed changes internally and externally
Continue with the feature tour to find how Vacances can help your technical team!

Vacances Feature Tour - Defect Tracking

When more than one person in a technical organization has responsibility for technical support, software development, testing and documentation, communication is a challenge. How do developers know when a software problem is found? How do support representatives know when a problem has been resolved? How does a documentation specialist know when a software change requires an update to the user manual or help?

Vacances provides a medium of communication between all members of a product's technical staff and keeps the work moving. Every issue has one responsible individual at all times. Problems and suggestions can't be ignored or delayed without the team leader's knowledge.

Enter the details of the defect and document the steps necessary to recreate the error.
Additional tabs in this window are used by quality assurance testers to document verification
of the defect, by developers to document the software changes necessary to correct the defect,
and to record information that will be printed in a Version History report.

Vacances Feature Tour - Enhancement Suggestion Tracking

Users are the best source of suggestions for software improvements. Technical support or help desk staff interact directly with users, collect product enhancement suggestions, and report them using Vacances. When the time comes to choose enhancements for inclusion in a new version, the information is readily available in Vacances.

Record software enhancement suggestions in the same way defects are recorded.
Accumulate suggestions to be reviewed for addition to the next software release.

Vacances Feature Tour - Workflow Management

From the initial discovery of a problem by the support or help desk agent to the final release of a correction, each item in Vacances has one responsible individual.

Every item is tracked and documented at every stage in the correction cycle.

Report - A software issue is reported by a customer, technical support representative, or quality assurance tester. Responsibility for the issue is assigned to testing for verification.

Verification - The issue is duplicated and verified. Responsibility for the issue is assigned to a developer for correction.

Correction - A developer corrects the problem and returns responsibility to a quality assurance tester.

Testing - The correction is tested to verify a successful correction. Testing assigns responsibility to a documentation specialist to update help files or user manual.

Documentation - Documentation updates are completed and the issue is placed on the release list by the team lead.

Release - A new version of the software is released with the correction. Version history information generated by Vacances documents the issue and its correction.

Project Prioritization
Every issue entered in Vacances is assigned a priority code. A team lead can modify individual item priorities as team priorities change.

Audit History
With each item in Vacances is stored a complete history of changes, corrections and responsibility updates. The development team leader sees every change to every item.

Every member of the technical team uses Vacances to control their work.
Filtered lists display and prioritize each team member's task list.

Vacances Feature Tour - Communication

As technical teams grow so does the challenge of effective communication. Developers aren't told of necessary product updates, support representatives don't know the status of software corrections, and managers are unable to effectively direct their teams. Vacances gives every member of a technical group the information they need to organize their work, be more productive, and serve their customers.

Filtered lists communicate information to technical team members.
When software changes are completed, Version History reports communicate this
information to end-users or support staff.

Vacances Feature Tour - Data Table Definition

Vacances can be used to document and create program source code for data table structures on two levels: At the lowest level, to define data tables and their structure. For more functionality if you use Borland Delphi with or without the Advantage Database from Extended Systems, you can create Delphi source code that is immediately usable for creating new data tables.

Use Vacances to document data table formats. All team members have access
to information on the structure and contents of an application's data files.


Application Software Vacances (Full Version) - $29
Each user in an organization must have a separate user license.

Database Software

Vacances uses the Advantage Database from Extended Systems and offers three modes of operation:

All three database modes are offered in the same version of Vacances.

Optional Advantage Database Server Client/Server Database Software

Vacances can use Advantage Database Server database software from Extended Systems for network operation on multiple computers on the same network. The Advantage Database supports client/server database operation to ensure maximum performance and data safety.

Advantage Database Server software is available for use with Vacances to protect your valuable business data from damage by computers, power problems or your network. The Advantage Database is used by major companies all over the world for fast, safe data access. Read more about the Advantage Database at

Single-user and shared database multi-user operation require no additional database software purchase. Advantage Database licenses for client/server database operation are priced as follows:

Advantage Database Server Software
for Windows NT/2000/XP (North America)

Advantage Database Server software is available for as many as 1000 workstations Call for details.

Vacances application software and Advantage Database software are offered by electronic delivery. Software and documentation are downloaded from the Vacances web site. Activation/unlock codes are provided via email.


Full Database Access for Reporting, Information Exchange

September 9, 2020

Vacances tracking uses database technology from Extended Systems Corp. called the Advantage Database. One of the great features of the database is that it is completely open. Free software like an ODBC driver and the Advantage Data Architect are available for download in the Developer Zone on the Advantage Database web site at Choose Vacances for its customizability and open data access!

New, Better Pricing!

January 2, 2020

Vacances is now even easier to buy. You have many choices for defect tracking software, enhancement tracking software and bug reporting software -- Choose Vacances and you get amazing value and proven technology.

Vacances Released

November 4, 2020

Vacances has been in use in a production software development environment for more than four years. Today the program entered its commercial release. A complete user manual and evaluation are available for download from the Download page here on the Vacances web site.

Vacances is used by software development organizations to track software defects and enhancement suggestions. This information repository is used by developers, quality assurance testers and documentation specialists to direct their work and track information on software enhancements and changes.

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